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Agenda Items

  • Third-party packages
  • Administration of the various termux communities
  • Moving forward: github issues and various development

Third-party packages

The possibility for creating and selling termux packages was discussed earlier in the week in an email thread. The idea was raised by github user Joakim-noah.

The termux team is open to such an idea and notes that it could be a useful way to distribute both free and non-free packages for termux. Doing this through google play is probably the way forward as it does not require new infrastructure for payments and also no apt-hacking.

Administration of the various termux communities

  • google+ is shutting down. We will advertise the r/termux-channel instead. Xeffyr and Neo-oli will moderate it.
  • The moderators for the various communities will be listed at the Development wiki page

Moving forward: github issues and various development

We have a big backlog of pull requests and issues at github. Only Fornwall can upload packages to the main repo currently, if we could automate that process with a build-bot then it would be easier for the team members to help decrease the amount of issues and PRs.

Homebrew is using Bintray which could work for termux as well. Problem with Bintray is that their free plan for open-source project gives a too low traffic limit and buying extra traffic is expensive. We therefore need to look for other suitable sites and/or ask if Bintray would be interested in sponsoring termux.

Splitting termux-packages up into several repositories, and having more people involved in maintaining packages, is another way to make maintenance easier. We could create a termux-games repo, a termux-science repo, ... and make apt subscribe to them per default. termux-packages would then only/mostly contain the core packages.

Android 5&6 support can be dropped when a new suitable build & host platform is found. We could also make other "drastic" (for example renaming arches) changes if the build platform requires it.