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* '''Telegram Spanish community''': https://t.me/termux_es
* '''Telegram Spanish community''': https://t.me/termux_es
* '''QQ Chinese community''': https://jq.qq.com/?_wv=1027&k=ylRxQK7Z
* '''QQ Chinese community''': https://jq.qq.com/?_wv=1027&k=ylRxQK7Z
= See Also =
* [[Development]]

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Any questions after reading the FAQ? Consider joining us with a cup of herbal tea, and similar. Termux is a distributed community worldwide. Here are a few ways to get in touch:

Official communities


Official communities are curated by @termux developers or by trusted person. Each community follows these rules with no exceptions unless specified otherwise:

1. Please use English.

Our community is international and English here is a standardized language which makes easier to follow conversations.

2. Use of Termux for disruptive activity is not tolerated.

Main Article: Hacking

Any kind of representing Termux as a tool for hacking, phishing and other potentially disruptive activity is strongly discouraged. Termux has never been developed for the purpose of being "cyber weapon". We do not provide assistance with hacking, phishing, denial-of-service attacks, spamming, and so on. If you are interested in such activity - you are on your own. Entirely, without any help from our side.

Publications violating this rule will be deleted. Users violating this rule may receive a permanent ban.

Most importantly: we would not care whether your have permission for this activity or not; whether you are doing it for educational purposes, fun or profit; whether you are attempting to hack own account or someone's else.

3. Explicitly toxic behavior, trolling and flood are not tolerated.

Deliberate offensiveness against specific persons or whole community, as well as any behavior aimed at disrupting conversations, is strongly discouraged.

Publications violating this rule will be deleted. Users violating this rule may receive a temporary or permanent ban.

4. Our topic is Termux, its use cases, user experience and content share.

Our communities are solely about Termux, its use cases, usage experience and content produced by community members.

Little off-topic is okay, but abuse of or community for gathering knowledge about custom ROMs, custom kernels, Android OS, networking, programming, general computer science and basics is strongly discouraged. If you are looking for help with topic that is not directly connected with Termux project, please consider looking into more suitable communities and Internet resources.

You should not post any kind of information that discourage use of Termux application and its packages in the context of advertising own or third-party "better" utility.

Off-topic publications will be removed. Publications with inappropriate content (nsfw, gambling, lotteries, etc) will lead to permanent ban of their author.

Other (non-official) communities

Here is a list of non-official communities. Termux developers are not responsible about any information or misinformation, site links and files distributed in these communities.

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