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#REDIRECT [[PRoot#Installing_Linux_distributions]]
This Termux setup shell script will attempt to set Arch Linux up in your Termux environment. Execute each of the following command lines separately to run <code>[https://raw.githubusercontent.com/TermuxArch/TermuxArch/master/setupTermuxArch.bash setupTermuxArch.bash]</code>. Running them all at once may generate errors; Hint, copy and paste the following:
    pkg install curl && pkg install bsdtar
    curl -OL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/TermuxArch/TermuxArch/master/setupTermuxArch.bash
    bash setupTermuxArch.bash
The recommended free space allotment for this install is approximately 1G of free space in userspace, not on external SD card.  Arch Linux in Termux PRoot on an Android smartphone 2018:
[[File:ArchLinuxTermuxPRoot2018.png | 320px]]
= More Information =
If you are behind a firewall that blocks download using curl: use ` bash setupTermuxArch.bash manual ` and choose a different method, such as wget. Worked for me, behind a university firewall.  See ` bash setupTermuxArch.bash help ` for information.
= Alternative =
The "alaterm" repository, at GitHub, provides a script for installing Arch Linux ARM into Termux, complete with a pre-configured GUI. It is only for non-rooted Android devices with ARM processors:
It is similar to the above script, in that it downloads an archive and unpacks it in proot. But the similarity ends there. Once the archive is unpacked, alaterm continues to re-configure Arch, create a new adminstrator user, download and install a complete LXDE graphical desktop, and configure the desktop with a selection of basic programs. When it finishes, the result is easily viewed with the VNC Viewer app.
From there, major programs such as GIMP, Inkscape, TeXWorks, and LibreOffice can be installed, and they will immediately work. However, multimedia programs will not work, and are not expected to work in the near future.
Complete instruction are at the alaterm page.

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